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DataDrawer - favorites organizer and bookmark manager

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DataDrawer helps you easily store and organize your data: bookmarks of your favorite internet web sites, shortcuts to documents, folders and programs and text notes.

Featuring an innovative interface, DataDrawer allows you to create pages to store data. In the each page you can group your bookmarks, shortcuts and text notes into multiple windows that can be arranged as you wish.

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DataDrawer Main Features

Store Your Favorite Data

  • Bookmark internet pages
  • Shortcuts to documents and folders
  • Shortcuts to programs
  • Add text notes

Highly Customizable Interface

  • Change pages and windows colors
  • Arrange information into hierarchical trees
  • Move and resize windows

Quick Search and Find

  • Instant search as you type

Group and Organize Favorites

  • Tabbed pages interface
  • Windows to group your data
  • Easy drag and drop data

Import and Export

  • Import links from your browser
  • Export links into HTML pages

Backup and Restore

  • Automatic backup
  • Quick backup and restore all information

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